Final Fight Art Resources

I have done the impossible. From the bowels of the internet to this page, I have found the high resolution elements for the marquee, control panel overlay, bezel and side art.

I made a custom Astro City sized Instruction Cardyou can find the PDF version of it here.


Mortal Kombat 1 Art Resources

Gotta catch ’em all.

Mortal Kombat Marquee PDF

Mortal Kombat Operator Manual

Mortal Kombat Instruction Card Scan PDF


Mortal Kombat 3 (Standard) Art Resources

For the three of you on the planet with a standard Mortal Kombat 3 board.

You can find my custom Astro City Instruction Cards for this game (Ultimate only) and others here.

Tekken 2 Art Resources

Back again with some Tekken 2 stuff. Tekken 1 and 2 have a fairly low representation online in terms of scans of original control panels, instruction cards and the like. If you have originals of any Tekken arcade elements and would like to make them available for wider use through photographing/scanning, you can contact me through the comments section below and I will happily host them here with whatever credit you’d like (I will see them regardless of the date of this post).

It is much easier to find original stuff from the newer iterations. At anyrate, I made a custom Astro City sized Instruction Cardyou can find the PDF version of it here.

Instruction Card PDF


Tekken 2 Ver.B Operator Manual (PDF)

Gyruss Art Resources

Turns out I have a knack for choosing games with assets that are a pain in the ass to find. I decided to put this Centuri/Konami game into my Taito Space Invaders. Sacrilege or not, it’s still space related (and arguably more fun than Space Invaders…) and it’s not as abortively expensive.

I made a custom Instruction Card for it based on existing assets. The Control Panel Overlay vector clearly exists, but is fucking impossible to find (2015 Edit: Found it! See Gallery), so I just remade what I could. The bottom part with the rockets probably isn’t my best work…

Instruction Card Size: 155mm x 90mm, the Taito standard size as far as I’ve been able to tell.

Instruction Card PDF

“Vectors” – WordPress only allows PDF. So here are PDFs:




“Gyruss” Konami Instruction Manual